Thursday, June 21, 2007

Coffee? Bathroom?

I went to bed late last night because the dumpling woke up at 11pm bawling then refused to sleep in her crib. I ended up leaving her screaming in the crib. And on top of that I had to wake up early the following morning so I could prep for a meeting in front of a chief project engineer.

Anyway, I was suprised that I had a memorable dream. But I did! Not that it was a terribly intersting dream. I guess I should let you decide.

The dream begins with WallyTarr and I entering a coffee shop. He orders first, a soy latte. Then I order some choclate mocha latte. It was confusing - chocolate mocha? I guess it was some special drink.

WallyTarr was sitting at the end of a longish table. The coffee shop was not entirely full of people, but the patrons there were sitting kinda scattered so there wasn't a good open space for two people. The table that WallyTarr had chosen was already occupied by to burly men... two burly men that look like they belong more in a Central Texas BBQ joint than a Seattle coffee shop. One of those burly men looked at WallyTarr with disgust then made some snide remarks before scooting over a couple of seats to distance himself.

Walter didn't care. But this rude dude pissed me off, so I gave him a piece of my mind. I don't remember what he did though. Sorry, anti-climatic.

Then I needed to go to the restroom so I turned around and walked through a reception area for an office... because... this was the corporate headquarter for the coffeeshop/restaurant. Oh, did I mention it's also a restaurant?

So I exit the otherside of the reception area and entered the restaurant half. The restrooms were to my left, but they weren't down a hallway but exposed to the entire restaurant. There were two stalls about 15 feet apart from each other, and between the stalls was a children's play area where a kid was playing with her mother.

I enter the stall on the left and close it's red door. The door faces the play area and not the restaurant. And the door is only half the requisite area so I have to pull a curtain for complete privacy.

And now I have to mention that it's a myth that if you pee in your dream you actually wet your bed because I've peed more than once in my dreams and never woke up to a wet bed.

After I do my business I return to WallyTarr who tells me he has a big secret. I have one too! I tell him something stupid like I like mint chocolate chip ice cream when he tells me his secret is bigger. Then my alarm wakes me up.

So Walter, what's your secret?

This post is #3a in the 150-Words-for-30-Days challenge against Inzane.

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Friday, June 01, 2007

A Duo of Nightmares

Last night both Xiaozhuzhu and I had nightmares. At least, I think she had a nightmare when she woke up suddenly at 11:30pm crying profusely. Mine didn't occur until close to 2am though. I know because I woke up reaching for the husband and he wasn't there! He had a tummyache and was out in the living room. Poor guy. I'd rather have a nightmare. At least it gives me something to blog about. Ok, now to the dream.

Most of the dream was this bizarre, almost school-like aura. The main portion of the dream occured in this large, tall, indoor space - a lot like the Fisher Pavillion in Seattle Center except instead of being in the middle of a park-like area it opened up to a 4-lane street. And it was located on an intersection.

I'm part of a competition or something like a science fair. I have a partner that I know, but I don't remember who he is now. Sorry dude. I'm suppose to operate this gigantic green metal box the size of a small studio apartment. And this green metal box is in a deep, cube concrete pond partially filled with water.

My partner is absent, but he's suppose to be here. For some reason, I can't operate the large green metal box well, and I really need his help. Someone comes by to see how I'm doing. I think it's Erick Cheng. He asks where my partner is and I begin to freak out because time is running short. We turn to look at the green metal box and it's not in water! It's dry! I curse my partner then try my hand at "operating" the gigantic green metal box.

Oh, and we're standing on the thing.

The gigantic green metal box shutters. Water floods the concrete pond and the box shoots up 10 to 15 feet throwing me off balance. I almost fall off the box when Erick pulls my arm to save me from tipping over the edge.

The gigantic green metal box settles down. I again curse my partner, but now I'm holding a shallot. I say something to the effect of, "I can't believe [partner's name] isn't here yet. And look, he's left me here holding the SHALLOT!" (I bought a shallot at the grocery store the day before. The shallot of my dream had the exact same shape.)

In my panic, I decide to go outside, shallot in hand, to see if he's outside the building. I look across the street to see someone else I know just standing on the sidewalk. He doesn't look quite right. He looks calm yet unsettled at the same time.

I look a little down the street to the right and see a jacket laying in the middle of the street. It's Chainwhip's Espana jacket!! My head flashes toward the intersection just a little farther right and I see two men laying crumpled in the crosswalk. It's Chainwhip and my brother!! They're both bloody and crumpled in the middle of the road. Some car must've hit them while they were crossing the street. (Of course, if this were real I doubt they'd still be laying in the middle of the crosswalk, but it's a dream.)

Neither of them are dead, I think, because they both move a little. Then I see Chainwhip try to reach for my brother. The guy who was standing across the street runs toward Chainwhip to tell him to lay still and stop moving.

They look so terrible broken and laying in the middle of the road :( I'm paralyzed.

And then I wake up with a panicked cry. I reach for Chainwhip and I wonder why he's sleeping so close to the edge of the bed. Then I realize he's not there! HE'S NOT THERE! I cry out his name. Then I notice light coming from the crack beneath the bedroom door, so I run out the door to see him sitting at his desk. Then I run into his arms crying with relief.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Dream of Bunnies

I finally remembered a dream! WAHOO!

So I'm in my kitchen, and on top of the stove are some boxes - shoebox size and smaller. Don't worry, I'm not using my stove in the dream. Suddenly I see a bunny appear from between the boxes. And then the bunny says "Baby!" I think... did I just hear the bunny say baby? Then under a box jumps out this really teeny tiny bunny. Like the size of a walnut. I pick up the mini bunny by the neck to take a closer look at it's teeny tiny-ness and put it back on the stove. I think... this must be the other bunny's baby, maybe the bunny really did say baby. Then I see the teeny bunny hop toward the first bunny. The first bunny then lies on its side to let the teeny bunny nurse. Baby bunny hypothesis confirmed.

Then suddenly I'm near my telephone and the bunnies are hopping around everywhere. I think to myself that I need to get these bunnies back into their boxes before my husband comes home... or maybe it was before the baby gets to them... or the cats? Anyway, I'm fixing to capture them when I wake up.

End of bunny dream. I think it helped that I went to bed an hour earlier than usual. Note to self, to remember dreams, go to be earlier.

Saturday, May 12, 2007


I've been having vivid dreams lately, but I wake up and all I have left are the residual feelings. That's not my confession, but the truth. Although I do feel bad having nothing to post here for weeks and weeks, so I'm going to reveal a dream (or two) that I've had in the past. This is my confession...

I was watching the end of the Chronicles of Riddick a couple of days ago, and it reminded me of something... yes, I've had a dream (or two) with Vin Diesel as my boyfriend. Ok, I said it and it's out.

Why oh why do you have to have such a sexy voice Mr. Diesel?

Now I will be excommunicated from the church.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cold and Lifeless...

This dream was a nightmare. In nightmares like these, the climax is almost always at the end of the dream, and I'm awoken by my emotions. I wake up thinking about the climax which leads me to forget other details of the dream. So please excuse the mess.

I think I'm home with two other people. I think Jeffrey and Grace since they were over the night before. We're suppose to go do something, something kind of important. I go into the bedroom to get Chainwhip and I find him out. He's out cold. And something fell off of him, maybe his ear?

Should we go do that something important? Should we take Chainwhip to the hospital? What would Chainwhip want me to do? He'd want me to go do that important thing. So we put him in the car with his ear and drive off to go to that important thing. Maybe we're going to look at a house for sale?

After our important task, we go to the hospital. I'm in a room with Grace, Jeffrey, and Chainwhip laying on the floor. We're waiting for help from the hospital employees. I panic. He's dead, I think. I touch him and he's cold. We should've gone to the ER instead of doing that important task! Jeffrey tries to comfort me by reminding me that we did what he would've wanted us to do - that we did the right thing by doing that important task first.

I'm holding his ear in my hand. I should've known better!! I cry and shake his body. You can't be dead you can't be dead! Then he stirs and says something. He's alive? He's alive!

I wake up with Chainwhip sleeping soundly beside me. I decide not to wake him up, and I go back to sleep.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Retreat and Tall People...

This dream is a throwback to those days when I went to church fellowship retreats. The last one I went to was over two years ago with Happy Fish. The dream took place in a house kind of like the one we had rented for the retreat, but it seemed much bigger and there were more people at the retreat... including friends who are not christian. So it wasn't a religious retreat.

In the dream, the retreat is 5-day long event starting Wednesday, but I'm only able to attend the weekend portion. I arrive on Saturday, and because I'm later than most, I end up sleeping in arguable the worst condition in the house. I'm in what should be a dining room, but it's been fitted with a twin sized bed. The bed is on tall legs, and no, I'm not sleeping on the bed but UNDER the bed. It's like a bunkbed but not.

Sometime during the dream I run into Inzane. Yes you Zane. I had this dream Tuesday night which might explain why you're in it. Anyway, you feel bad for my situation and offer to switch sleeping quarters with me. You're also sleeping on the floor under a bed like me, but you're in an actual room. We walk to inspect my current space in the dining area and I lament the fact that I'm not even in a room.

Then, I'm in the kitchen. Friend Zane is gone but I'm standing next to a tall person. Like a really really tall person. A really tall, skinny young man - perhaps James Mao? I'm thinking, this dude is tall. Then another really really tall skinny young man appears in the kitchen. Wow, two really really tall skinny young men. (This is how I felt in the past when I went home to visit my church in Houston and all the little kids like James Mao had suddenly sprouted into young men over 6-feet tall.)

Then I wake up.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Fifth Element...

I'm calling this my Fifth Element dream because Chainwhip alluded to the movie after I described the dream to him.

I'm in a building? Or something like a cruise ship? But it's not on water. It might be in space - hence the Fifth Element reference. The ship, we'll call it, is divided into 3 occupiable floors. The top floor is hot, like a tropical paradise with beaches and plam trees. The middle floor is cold and located well below the hot floor, what we might consider to be ten floors below. The bottom floor is freezing.

The ship contains sleeping quarters like dorm rooms, nicer suites on the hot floor, casinos on every level, restaurants or eateries on every level, and of course, a beach on the hot floor. The lower floors are less expensive than the hot level.

Elevators transport people between the floors, and they're made completely of glass and located on the exterior wall of the ship. When I first rode the elevator I remember looked down and thought WOW, that's scary. It took a surprising length of time to travel from the middle (cold) floor to the top (hot) floor.

The aura of the dream is dark - dark like the new Battlestar Galactica.

The dream was long, not quite epic, and unfortunately, I only remember the last moments. I live in a dorm room on the cold level. My two roommates are gals my age, but there's something severly wrong with one of them. She's psychotic, or disturbed, or a terrorist. The other roomie and I take psycho girl to the ship hospital on the freezing level (though it doesn't actually seem to be freezing), but she's unwilling to comply with the hospital employees. We return to the elevator, maybe we're going back to our room?

I remember feeling scared in the elevator. It's dark and spooky and I have a feeling that something is going to happen with psycho girl. Is she part of a terrorist plot? Is she about to explode? My other roommate is a nice gal and she just wants to help out. The elevator ride seems long. Then I wake up.